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Hand & Wrist Surgery: Richardson, TX

Hand surgery is a subspecialty of orthopaedics that focuses on treating problems of the hand, wrist, and upper extremity. Commonly treated conditions include: hand and wrist arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. These conditions affect individuals in all age groups, and are very common in athletes and inactive patients.

Dr. Joshua Lemmon is a board certified plastic surgeon with fellowship training in hand and microsurgery. His background in orthopaedic and plastic surgery gives him an all-inclusive approach to management of bony and soft-tissue problems of the hand and upper extremity. With an interest and expertise in nerve compression (carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome), arthritis treatment, minimally invasive upper extremity surgery, fracture care, and arthroscopy, Dr. Lemmon is well suited to treat most conditions of the hand or wrist.

Dr. Lemmon continues to pursue education, and is involved with the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern, training residents and fellows his knowledge of hand surgery.

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Hand Surgery for Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis, or osteoarthritis, is a musculoskeletal condition that wears away the cartilage in the joints. While weight-bearing joints are most commonly affected, patients often develop arthritis in the hands or wrist as they mature. Patients that develop hand or wrist arthritis will often have difficulty carrying out routine activities, such as tying shoes, buttoning buttons, typing, or opening a door.

As patients age and osteoarthritis develops, the cartilage lining the bones deteriorates, and no longer provides adequate protection against friction and pressure. Bones begin rubbing together, causing pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion.

Depending on the patient's unique case, Dr. Lemmon will recommend the most suitable and comfortable treatment option. While non-invasive treatments, such as physical therapy or pain medications, are the preferred option, surgical intervention may be necessary. Surgical solutions to hand arthritis include removal of abnormal bony growths and diseased cartilage, joint fusion surgery, and joint replacement surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve compression condition that causes numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hands and fingers. Swelling in the wrist can lead to the nerves running through the carpal tunnel, located in the wrist, to become compressed. This condition is commonly associated with typing; however, any repetitive motion of the hands and wrists can cause onset. Other causes include driving, sewing, painting, writing, and playing an instrument.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Because of the delicate nature of the hand and wrist, nerve compression conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are best treated using an endoscope. Endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery involves the insertion of a tiny camera, attached to a tube, into the wrist. Through sending real-time images to a monitor in the operating room, the endoscope allows the surgeon to view the wrist from within without making large incisions. Once the endoscope in inserted, the surgeon will use tiny instruments to perform the surgery. Typically, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home the same day.